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The women that use dating sites to find local men to date are not desperate at all. They are just interested in specific types of men that are not always easy to find. Just because you are a man that works out and thus have a great body plus amazing career and wealth, does not mean you are everything women want. Yes, these qualities will definitely attract some women. However, are they quality women that can commit long term or are they temporary? With the following points, you may turn out to be among the attractive single men that women looking for men want.

The qualities of attractive single men in online dating

The following qualities are worth adopting to increase your chances to find a woman online.

  • Kindness– women are nurturers and so they appreciate when the males show kindness. Being kind at all times is also reflected when in low spirits. You are likely to watch your words when disappointed because despite feeling so bad, you still want other people to experience happiness.
  • Being active. Women like active conversations. If you get the chance to chat with these single women online, you can actively participate in the conversations by asking follow up questions.
  • Respect for women. The majority of the women have each other’s backs, whether single or married. The least you can do as a man is have respect for all women regardless of their appearances.
  • Dependability – single women looking for men online are probably single because men in their lives lacked dependability. The best way to depict this is through small things like keeping your word after making a promise. Be trustworthy.

The qualities of unattractive single men in dating sites

You should definitely avoid the following qualities. If not, all local women near you and online will evade you because you will be unattractive. They include:

  • Rudeness– being rude has never brought any success to singles dating; it only works for bosses at work that think they own you. It is very easy for a man to be rude when a lady rejects him and so you should be more careful. At times, that single girl rejecting you just wants to see how serious you are about dating her.
  • Violence. Women looking for men are very keen on finding out how far your reaction goes when angry. Any violent behavior definitely cancels out all other attractive features because domestic violence causes psychological issues, alongside the physical. As you chat online in the online dating service, these women can tell the possibility of violence by the way you handle a misunderstanding.
  • The ease to please– men that are so easy to please are hardly trust worthy and thus unattractive. The intelligent single women reason that you can be easily swept away by other women simply because they look better, yet it could all be make up playing the cards. The best way evade this is by focusing of character and personality more than physical beauty.

In a nutshell, women looking for men are quite clear about the men they want. Physical attraction is one but it is not enough. So go ahead and improve your game with the above information.