woman on a dating site

In dating, single men have to put some extra effort to please the single women they want to date so that these women can warm up to them and accept their dating proposals. This approach still applies to online dating because the only difference here is the dating platform. In online dating, the platform is the online dating service or online dating site of your choice and therefore, you must work more to please women so that they can agree to date you. Here are a few tips that you can use to please women you are attracted to.

What to do in online dating to please single women

As you seek to date the single women you find in the online dating site of your choice, you can do various things to impress them and at least make them smile. These will definitely increase your chances of dating them.

  • Often make kind and nice compliments about their looks on the profile pictures and intelligence. Ladies naturally love men that notice their beauty and brains.
  • You can be sweet to them by showing that you are caring. If a lady texts you and tells you about her bad day, show concern and try to lift up her spirits. If you are funny, you can really work this out.
  • Use the chat rooms to show your interest in these single women. Always show them how interested you are in dating them by often being available for meaning conversations in the chat rooms provided by the dating service. If availability is a challenge due to commitments, you can let them know that you are thinking about them by sending sweet and nice messages even if they are offline.
  • Be an attentive person. Single women always accept single men that know how to listen. So whenever you are chatting or talking after exchanging contacts, you need to be present so that you can be attentive.

What annoys the single women in online dating

Man is to error and thus there are actions that could push away the single women that you would like to date. By all means possible, avoid such actions. They include the following:

  • Telling lies never impresses single women. Therefore, show your true self instead of creating a web of lies. After all, women are like agents of the federal bureau of investigations in dating. They will find out the truth.
  • Avoid bragging because ladies like humble men regardless of their wealth. Being too flashy about your money and luxuries only attracts gold-diggers and not quality and independent single women.
  • Forget the past and thus do not keep asking about how many men they have dated before. It does not matter because it did not work. Focus on now.
  • After requesting contacts online, do not take too long to use them. Normally, the single women get excited after you ask for their contacts. However, taking too long, like two days, to make contact means you are not really interested and they will move on fast.

In conclusion, treat the single women in the dating site like fine fruits. If well put, fruits stay in good condition. If mishandled, they spoil. Single women are no different.