It is no surprise that there is sometimes a communication gap between men and women. This, of course, causes a lot of room for misunderstandings, especially when it comes to any form of dating including online dating.

Using an online dating service can help you to find single women. While there are many women looking for men, you may have trouble starting a relationship. This can be because of what you say. Misunderstandings don’t only occur when wrong words are used. Singing the wrong tone can also be offensive. So you can surprisingly easy upset women even if there is no intention of doing so.

1. Stop being dramatic

This statement is one of the most annoying statements that a man can make. It makes women feel as though they are taking things out of proportion when in fact you should take them seriously. You are basically saying she’s out of control which makes her more self-conscious while implying that you are the rational person.

2. You look great for your age

This is a definite faux-pas. What might seem to you as a genuine compliment will definitely be rude for a woman? Instead of saying this just keep it short and simple. You look great should be enough. If you want to find single women online on a dating site, just give compliments without adding a reason.

3. Act like a lady

How should a lady act like? It usually means acting like a well-bred, polite, classy, and elegant woman, a term that has origins from the Victorian age. The Victorian standards for what defines a woman should not be applied in today’s world. Telling a woman to act like a lady can be sexist and even lower her self-confidence.

4. It’s a man’s job

While there are many jobs where the majority of employees are men, that doesn’t necessarily mean that women cannot do well in such jobs. Saying ‘it’s a man’s job, so let me do it” may make women feel inferior, even though you may have the intention of helping out. Saying such phrases on an online dating service can put single women off.

6. That’s not how it is done

When you say “that’s not how it’s done, especially in public” can make anyone feel so embarrassed. It’s just the wrong way of correcting a partner. It’s like making the whole world know about someone’s fakes or incapability. If she does it the wrong way wait till you are just the two of you to correct her.

7. Whatever

Even though it might seem cool among the young adults, it’s still a no-no. More than 40% of adults in the US find it annoying to use this word. If you tell a woman whatever you are essentially telling her that what she’s saying is completely irrelevant.

Avoid these things if you want to enjoy meeting singles on a dating service. Doing so can help you build healthy relationships with a woman you are dating but colleagues as well.