Committing to somebody you’ve met on a dating site in the US and also lives far from you is not an easy task. It takes a lot of efforts and right attitude to ensure that the flame keeps burning, without burning or roasting any of you. The both of you met as singles seeking love online and this concept should never change. It should get better instead and lead to better things in future.

Tips to keep the long-term commitment intact

The following tips can be helpful to singles that want long-term relationships regardless of the long distance.

  • Work hard at establishing intimacy even when you are physically apart. Behaving as if it is easy will make you neglect your partner and you may end up disappointed. This means you should not compare with short distance relationships.
  • Maintain honesty at all times so that you can always be on the same page of the relationship.   
  • Dedicate ample time for each other in the chat rooms. This will ensure that you talk as much as possible about everything without haste.  
  • As you begin dating, do not rush into the relationship. Let feelings and strength to handle the long distance build up with time. Meanwhile, you can make each other a priority since you have prospects of building something together and leaving the single men dating and single women dating world.  
  • Be safe still until when complete trust is established face to face. This means keeping personal details private and having mutual respect upon this decisions.
  • Begin making plans to establish your relationship in the real world. The is means meeting up in person more often if possible. 

Behavior that could ruin the long- distance relationship online

For you to fully incorporate the above tips in your long distance commitment, you must know of these destroying behaviors and work to avoid them.  

  • Do not make assumptions that intimacy will be automatic while online together. Remember that you are in different place, living separate lives and having different experiences. Making assumptions may lead to no intimacy at all especially when one is distracted.
  • Creating lies now and then will lead to a lot of others that turn into a web. You therefore, risk losing your partner back into the local singles crowd.
  • Being too busy to talk to your partner leaves them wondering whether you could be dating other singles dating in the online dating service where you met. Such doubts destroy the bond between you too and mending it will be harder work since you are far apart. 
  • Do not haste in whatever you do as a couple because you may just skip the important steps.
  • Regardless of how perfect your partner seems to be, do not be too trusting such that you begin sharing your personal details. You are not yet at that stage.